Las Vegas Cougar of the Week

by Cougar Mama


HAWT Cougar Mama, Deborah, was enjoying a wild weekend in Las Vegas with her ‘Black Bear Cub’ when I met her.    Talk about a beauty!  Deborah takes great care of her hair, skin and body and it shows, in HEARTS!

Deborah’s shares her beauty schedule and answers a few interview questions. Read on to learn her top tips on finding ‘Cubs’, dating younger men, maintaining her HOTNESS, and a secret she’s never shared until now!

Deborah’s Share’s

I take care of myself by working out at least 3-4 days per week with cardio and strength training. I also have a personal trainer who is young and hot, but ‘boo hoo’ he’s straight up professional. I get waxed regularly especially on the important parts!! I choose clothes that flatter my figure and show off my breasts. I love to wear red because it attracts attention. Heels -well they gotta be high – 3-4 inches. I believe younger men like a nice heel on a women, plus it makes your calves look sexy.

Under garments are very important. I always have a little something sexy on, g-strings, a sexy bra or garter and stockings, but I think younger men like bare legs best. When you feel sexy, you act sexy. Confidence is a trait which young guys are very attracted to in an ‘older woman’.

Always make sure you smell attractive. I choose a scent that complements me, and I know is pleasing to men (I’ve been told many times how wonderful I smell).

As to meeting men, where ever I am I watch for and notice younger men – and if I catch their look I just start to pour on the charm, give them a smile, shake my hips a little extra as I walk by and exude confidence to them that they can’t resist!!

Q & A’s with Deborah

Q: Do you consider yourself a ‘Cougar’, ‘Hottie’, or ‘MILF’?

A: I consider myself to be a cougar most definitly for I am very attracted to younger men. They possess a sexual energy that most older men have lost (mostly due to lack of attention or apathy) too bad for them!! Yes I believe myself to be a HOTTIE too, not to boast, but I take care of myself and do my best to make myself visually appealing to men.

Q: Are you looking for love, companionship, a soulmate, or lifemate?

A: I am looking for love and companionship. Sorry, call me old fashioned, but I do not believe it possible to share yourself with a man sexually and not engage your heart (unless you are working as a hooker!!). Companionship is very important to me because I have a lot of energy and enjoy doing things like traveling, going out to eat, dancing and recreational activities. I do not like to be bored.

Q: Do you have any ‘Cougar’ girlfriends you go hunting with?

A: No girlfriends at this time to go hunting with. They have not learned to appreciate younger men (again too bad for them).

Q: Where do you find younger men to date?

A: At this time I am thinking about areas to expand my hunting, but right now bars and home improvement stores are where I hunt.

Q: What draws your attention to a man? What do you notice first?

A: The first thing I notice is their smile, and call me superficial, but chest and arms. OMG they gotta have it going on with the body. Then when I am close enough to have conversation with them it is all about the eyes. I mean do they have what I call “bedroom eyes”.

Q: Is it sexual attraction, conversation or attitude that would make you approach a younger man?

A: The number one thing that would cause me to approach a younger man is ATTITUDE. I think confidence is a huge turn on and of course that masculine attitude thing is yummy!!!

Q: Who made the first move toward a sexual relationship in your last encounter? Was it awkward or embarrassing?

A: I made the first sexual move. I don’t think he saw it coming and he did not know what hit him – but he liked it. IT was VERY exciting and not the least bit akward or embarrassing!!!

Q: Do you introduce your dates to your family or friends?

A: At this time I only introduce my date to a select few of my friends, not family because I have sons that age and have not figured out how to approach that.

Q: Tell me a secret about yourself not many people know!

A: My secret is I am 100% attracted to black men. OMG there is something about them that always turns my head and makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!

Q: What was the ‘HAWTEST’ date you’ve been on?

A: For me the hottest date was the one I just went on in Las Vegas with my 30 year old Black Cub. He treated me like a queen and, well you’ll have to use your imagination!!!!!

Q: Would you date Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton or John Edwards?

A: No way they are all too old Lol!!

Thanks Deborah. You are one HAWT Tamale!

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